The current economic climate means that access to sound, professional financial advice has never been more important. The Mortgage and Investment Centre LLP is an independent financial advice partnership that offers its clients across-the-board financial guidance based on research, relevance and prospects. This means that we professionally investigate the whole market in order to source the most suitable solutions to your individual financial services needs, whatever they may be.

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Whether you are buying a new property or shopping around for the best deal for your existing mortgage we will take you through the whole process from start to finish. We will research the whole of the market in order to source the most suitable mortgage for your needs.


It is vital for a person, especially with dependants, to consider the impact of serious illness or death to income, mortgage or other debts. There are various safety net products available, including: Life assurance, Critical illness cover, Health care income plans.


As an Independent Financial Advisor we have access to all major UK investment houses. Whether a lump sum or regular amount we establish your attitude to risk and source the most suitable type of investment and product provider in the market.

Two Steps to Security

Because no two clients' circumstances are the same, MIC's advice process begins, in general, with two client meetings, during which we establish a full overview of your unique financial situation.

Step One

MIC conducts a complete and confidential client Fact Find. This is carefully designed to assess your current financial position and highlight any areas requiring particular attention. Having built up a comprehensive picture of your particular financial needs, we then carry out a thorough investigation of the market to determine which products or services will best meet them.

Step Two

During a second discussion, we present you with a full report of our findings and recommendations as well as complete any relevant paper work or online applications, if required. Because we know you're busy, MIC advisors will arrange consultations at your convenience. We can meet you at our office, at your homer place of work at any time, day or evening, that suits your lifestyle.

Taking a fresh look at your finances

Are your existing financial services products still working for you? Do your existing contracts meet your current and future needs? Do you have a mortgage, life assurance plan or some other financial arrangement which no longer matches your circumstances or expectations?
At MIC, we believe that a regular check-up is the key to long term financial health. Therefore, we will analyse your present financial arrangements objectively and professionally to determine whether your best interests are being served.
Should our shortfall analysis reveal any areas of need we will conduct the necessary research and provide you with our recommendations for your financial arrangements.


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